Battle Bears

Battle Bears operates at the intersection of microcontrollers, Mortal Kombat and Kawaii. This project went from a napkin sketch to showing at the student showcase in one month. It was one of three months I spent at the Creative Code Immersive at Gray Area Foundation.


The code for the project can be found on GitHub


The Glove

Each player’s hand is transformed into a game controller by wearing a data glove outfitted with an accelerometer/compass and bend sensor. The rules are simple and not very different from the well-loved game, Rock, Paper, Scissors. The bend sensor allowed us to detect if the players hand was bent or not ( Fista Cuffs) and the accelerometer/compass allowed for us to detect pitch and roll ( Paws Out, Claws Out and Power Pose ).



The game board or Battle Zone was created with thick white fabric, duct tape and a ceiling projector. The graphics were designed and brought to life in Processing. 


Battle Zone 1.0



Because even battling bears appreciate good experience design.
I outfitted my volunteers with matching shirts so everyone at the show would know who to talk to about signing up and how to play. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.02.53 PM.png

We also provided racks cards with instructions and general info.