Coke Ahhh!

How do you capture the feeling of drinking an ice cold Coke in a single word? Ahh!

Thus was created and I was lucky enough to turn my fantasies of sloths taking over a city into a game controlled by your web cam. My partner and I worked with several production companies to make these happen. We also received some of the best feedback I've gotten to date... "Make it F***ing Weird!" 


The more you smile the more bizarre things happen. Stop smiling and all those kooky things are gone.


"Fire StopAHHH"
The city is being taken over by spicy foods and you need to put them out with some Coke.



Create your own visualization complete with sound and share them with a friend. 


In addition to making rad mobile-first games, my partner and I were also responsible for contributing content for Coke's social channels on a weekly basis. Personal favorites below. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 8.35.28 PM.png