In 2013, Esquire and National Book Award-winning author Colum McCann created a non-profit called Narrative 4 that uses the power of storytelling to help kids in troubled parts of the world. 

It works like this: A group of Israeli and Palestinian kids gets together for a week. They watch movies, play soccer, get to know each other. And on the last day, they pair off, write each other's story, and read them aloud. They have to become that other person.

To launch it, Colum asked over a hundred of the best writers in the world to all pen a story with the same title: "How to Be a Man." Then Esquire asked Ben Hughes to figure out what they could do with them online. 

He built and directed our team. 

We built a fully responsive HTML5 site that presented the stories as a beautiful, magazine-style reading experience. Every day, visitors could read one story for free, and we partnered with Tinypass to collect donations to unlock the rest. In just six weeks, with no money and people spread across three time zones, we built a product.

To date, the site has raised over $25,000 for Narrative 4. They're currently expanding worldwide.

Featured in EsquireChicagoistThe GuardianEsquire, againChicago TribuneThe New York Times MagazineChicago Tribune, again, and The New York Observer.

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n4_web_11_1000 copy.jpg

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