Tommy John

- photo art direction/web design&ux/rebranding/creative leadership -
I spent a summer in NYC working on a male underwear brand.(!!!)
 As a Sr.Art Director at Tommy John I acted as a visual and strategic brand ambassador between our team, the CEO, product designers, web design and development and our partner agency Preacher during the summer of re-branding. Our team also produced new ecomm photography for the entire site, life style assets for product launches as well as social and email content. It was a rigorous summer full of insights of what it is like to be on the client side, NYC bagels and men's underthings.

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Air Product Launch

Tommy John launched their most innovative product this Fall, Air. At 2oz it is the lightest underwear ever created. We not only wanted to communicate how light the fabric is but also how great it is is for business and frequent travelers. The Air fabric packs tightly and won't add costly weight to your luggage. Because this material dries completely in 4 hours or less, clean undergarments are always as close as the nearest sink, river or jacuzzi. To top that off the packaging for the underwear is reusable. Want a pair yet?



Shortly after launching Air we launched the Athleisure collection, taking comfort off the couch and onto the streets. Our biggest challenge was educating the Tommy John consumer that YES! You can wear stylish sweats not only to run errands but to work or on a date. #YesYouCan